Is your job sending you on a short or extended business trip? With JOYN, you won’t have to be cooped up in some cold, anonymous hotel on the city’s outskirts. In our apartments, you will find all of the services that make your life easier and more enjoyable. With a modern design, comfortable atmosphere and enough space for you and your projects. We call it serviced living. You call it your life.
A modern way of staying and working in another city that is in line with your work life. With JOYN, you truly experience the city you’ll be staying in for a while and enjoy a prime location. Your apartment features stunning interior design and is in a location that offers you co-working spaces and other work areas, a lively community that welcomes you with open arms, and a number of innovative services.
Here, you’ll never struggle to get dressed because you’re cramped between a queen-sized bed and the wall. You’ll meet like-minded people with whom you can share your creative ideas or simply some water-cooler chit-chat. You can cook whenever you want, and you have the room to let your ideas grow. We have designed our rooms with extra care and with your needs in mind. Our apartments feature a living and sleeping area as well as a kitchenette. With us, you will enjoy services that rescue you from those drab and grey hotels, and prove that going with JOYN was the right choice
JOYN offers apartments and services for business travellers, managers and other professionals who are part of their projects. JOYN’s apartments and services are also ideal for people starting a new job as well as freelancers and independent entrepreneurs working on projects with their clients and all business nomads who need temporary accommodation at short notice.
JOYN is growing, offering apartments and accommodation in more and more major European cities. Additional facilities are set to open next year in cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to compliment those that already exist in Munich, Cologne and Vienna.

At JOYN, you can stay between one day and six months*.
*In Zurich we´re happy to host you from 1 night upto 3 months.

Yes, the minimum length of stay is between one and seven days, depending on the location of your apartment.

Check-in & Check out

You can check into your apartment any day of the week between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.
Please check in with the reception desk upon your arrival. Your host will give you all of the information you need for your stay, as well as a key card for your room. Should you arrive after 10:00 p.m., you will find a KeyBoy containing your check-in documents.
Generally no, but occasionally an exception can be made and it may be possible to leave your luggage in the back office. Ask before your arrival.
JOYN does not have its own chauffeur service, but your host will be happy to arrange a taxi or rental car for you.
As a rule, you should check out of your apartment before 12:00 p.m. Please contact your host if you would like a later check-out.
Checking out is easy. Simply return your key, and you’re set.
Yes, and a nice one at that. You can contact your JOYN reception desk and host daily for matters related to your stay, your room, checking in and out, our services – or just for a nice chat.
Whether or not you need to make a prepayment depends on the price of your booking for your stay and room.
We only require a credit or debit card number on file if you place a room reservation without making a prepayment.


You can reach your host daily in person at the reception desk or by phone. The phone number is included in your booking confirmation and can also be found in the info board at your JOYN.
Of course! As part of our exclusive service package, JOYN will provide and change your sheets and towels.
You can get your breakfast in the breakfast area.
We do not provide lunch or dinner. If you’d like, you can use the delivery service offered by our service partners. Your host will tell you about your delivery options and recommend excellent restaurants in the area.
Yes, depending on the room price.
Yes, depending on the room price.
Don’t panic! Just contact your host. Your old card will be frozen and you will receive a new one for the rest of your stay.
Your room will be cleaned once a week by our trained cleaning staff.
No problem! For an extra fee, you can order additional room cleaning service. Just contact your host.
You can borrow additional kitchen supplies like plates and cutlery from your JOYN’s reception desk. Just ask your host.
Yes, of course. Contact your host for information about booking and fees.
Your JOYN has its own washing room where you can wash and dry your laundry round the clock. There is even laundry detergent on hand. The interactive WeWash app will let you know the minute your laundry is done.
Laundry service is one of the many services we offer. You can plan your stay at ease and only bring what you want to bring. And who can help you? That’s right. Your JOYN host!
We love feedback! Your host would be happy to get yours personally.
Yes! Just indicate your preferences during the booking process.

JOYN won’t leave your car out in the rain. Depending on availability, you can easily add a space in our underground car park to your booking.

Have your mail sent directly to your JOYN. Your host will be glad to receive it and give it to you with a smile.
You can leave your postage-paid mail at the reception desk. JOYN will take care of the rest.
You can make changes to your services at any time, even after you’ve arrived. Contact JOYN via the booking hotline on +49 69 247 472 300, or talk to your host at your JOYN.
We can’t afford to take any risks when it comes to safety, and the security of our accommodations, rooms and apartments is of utmost importance to us. That’s why all of our facilities are equipped with top-notch security systems.

Of course – feel free to contact our host. There you can borrow additional small furniture, depending on availability.

Booking and payment

Not necessarily. You can use a different method of payment (cash, debit/credit card, bank card) to pay for your booking upon arrival. But remember: this doesn’t apply to offers that cannot be cancelled. These can only be paid for online.
You will need to provide a valid credit or debit card number as booking security.
Yes, you can pay for your stay with a prepayment.
JOYN accepts all common credit and debit cards, including VISA, American Express, MasterCard, JCB and Diners Club.
Yes, JOYN also accepts PayPal.
We’d be happy to accommodate you! Call our booking hotline on +49 69 247 472 300 and let us know what you need, or ask your host for an additional room.
You can upgrade your booking at any time. Depending on the price of your booked reservation, you may also be able to change your date of arrival or departure.
The deadline for cancelling your reservation or booking depends on your room price and length of stay.

Up to 7 nights: 1 day before arrival
8–27 nights: 7 days before arrival
From 28 nights: 14 days before arrival

You can cancel your booking via the booking hotline on +49 69 247 472 300, your booking confirmation or in person with your host.

Food and beverage

Breakfast is provided daily in the breakfast area.
We do not provide lunch or dinner. If you’d like, you can use the delivery service offered by our service partners. You are more than welcome to eat your lunch at your JOYN. Your host will tell you about your delivery options or recommend excellent restaurants in the area.
Do you need more plates, cutlery or ladles? No problem! Just let your host know what you need.
Depending on the facility, you can use the community kitchen to make an extra large pot of pasta for you and your guests.
Yes, you can place your order directly at your JOYN using our partner’s delivery service.
How about placing an order with our food delivery partner? Your host will tell you about current offers and discounts.
Night owls are free to prepare their midnight snacks in the community kitchen round the clock (depending on the location).

Services & facilities

Pets are not allowed at JOYN accommodations. This includes cats, dogs and even guinea pigs and hamsters. We’d probably make an exception for goldfish though.
Your JOYN has its own washing lounge with an ironing station so you can get all the wrinkles out.
JOYN has a solution for (almost) everything. Your host can help you manage this crisis with an additional healthcare kit, and is there to the rescue in any other circumstance.
JOYN doesn’t just offer great apartments. Most locations also feature community areas, such as a TV lounge. Here you can enjoy a relaxing movie night in good company.
We wouldn’t be JOYN if we weren’t able to help you out in this emergency. Your host and “electronics specialist” certainly has the right charger for your device at the reception desk.
Most JOYN locations have their own fitness lounge. If your JOYN isn’t one of them, your host can recommend a good place to do your workout nearby.
Right at your JOYN! For the early birds among our guests, we have provided a coffee station in the community area.
Smoking is not allowed in the building. This goes for the community areas as well as rooms, studios and apartments. This also includes e-cigarettes. Thank you for your understanding!
Your host will give you the Wi-Fi password upon check-in.
We’ll show you! Take a look at our Instagram stories and DIY style guides to find out what defines our style. You can also pick up a few tricks that go a long way.

Loose ends

Simply contact JOYN via the booking hotline on +49 69 247 472 300 or call the respective local number.
Our hosts know all the best hotspots. Do you have your own tips in your JOYN city? Perfect! Tell your host and the JOYN Community.

Great! We’re also always looking for new partners. We’d be happy to hear from you. Please use our contact form or call us on +49 69 247 472 300.

Business & pleasure

Some JOYN facilities offer co-working spaces. Ask your host about the spaces available at your JOYN.
Do you need a flip chart, a projector or a charger for your laptop or smartphone? JOYN has various technical and analogue equipment for you to use on loan. Just ask your host.
We have at least one printer at our reception desk and would be happy to print your documents for you.
Depending on the location and availability, our co-working spaces can also be used for teleconferences (equipment not included). Contact your host to find out what equipment is available.
Each of our locations has different technical equipment available for you to use. Please contact your host to find out what is available.
Each of our locations has different work supplies available for you to use. Please contact your host to find out what is available.

Feel free to ask! The JOYN team is happy to answer any questions you may have about your reservation, booking or services. Contact us via the booking hotline (+49 69 247 472 300) or the contact form.